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All our saddles are made in France.


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A range of accessories thought for you and your horse

Arion Sellier is a specialist in equipment, offering a full range of accessories for you and your frame.

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Find anExpertNear You.

Would you like to try an ARION HST custom-made saddle or a half-custom-made ATLAS by ARION saddle? Our experts are here to advise you. They can come to your barn to help you find the right fit. 

Join us at the following events.

The events.

02-05 FEB 2023

Jumping International of Bordeaux

Meet us Hall 1 - Aisle C - Span 28
Stand 2810

08-29 JUN 2023

French Championships Lamotte Beuvron

French Championships for ponies and clubs.

01-05 NOV 2023

Equita'Lyon Lamotte Beuvron

Join us at Equita Lyon.

AUGUST 09-13, 2023

European Championships CCE

Join us at the Haras National du Pin for the 2023 European CCE Championships.



Saddles are 100% customized to you and your horse

Best sellers Arion

Fall for our stars.


The semi-custom saddle model by Arion HST.

Arion Sellier

Discover the world of Arion Sellier.

Our adventure began in 2018, when Arion was born in the United States.

In the beginning of Arion Sellier in 2018, the first choice we had to make was the name. We wanted the name to showcase our passion, and we thought it should be easily memorable and pronounceable in all languages. Arion HST strives to offer amateur and professional riders an innovative high-end product with absolute comfort, while also focusing on the well-being of the horse. By producing exceptional custom saddles, 100% made in France, with the best materials.

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A daring designer surrounded by a crack team.

Arion is also inspiring, passionate, sparkling, expert people...
A cavalry committed to fulfilling the wishes of Arion clients, whether in the field or in the office.

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Arion : the custom-made saddle, made in France with French leather.

The 40 years of experience and the exceptional know-how of our factory based in the southwest of France allow us to create products that are both aesthetic and efficient.

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When riding rhymes with innovation and revolution.

Established in the French landscape since only 2020, our company offers proven technicalities. The Shoulder Free panels and the ergonomic elastic headpiece presented by Arion Sellier are two major innovations in the world of horse riding.

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